Learning Outcome: To observe and name the different types of plants.

Today our LKG children have gone to a field trip to our payakaraopeta campus to see different types of plants. Children have observed plants such as curry leaves, Ginger, Grass, Rose, Ilachi, Bhumi and Boungainvilla plants and mango, banana and jack fruit trees. On seeing all the trees and plants, children could identify their features such as shape, size and colour. Children  have noticed that some trees are big and some trees are small, some trees have big leaves and some have small leaves while some have huge woody trunks. Children have observed planting a plant. Children have observed how to grow plants in waste things like tyres, water bottles, oil tins and pipes. This trip has made the children know the different types of plants and their names and parts. Children have really enjoyed the trip by exploring nature.

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