L.O: Field trip to brick factory and different kinds of houses.

Grade – 1 students went on a field trip to brick factory to know how bricks are prepared to use in building houses. The workers of the factory explained the process to the children. They showed the materials used to make the bricks i.e., bricks black, red and sandy clay, husk and logs of wood. First they pour the three types of clay in an area and add water, after that they use tractor to mix. They add the husk and flour of wood. They make bricks with that mixture using brick block boxes. After two days they arrange bricks under the sun light to dry for ten days. After drying, they burn them for 15 days in a kiln to make the bricks strong. Children learnt the preparation of bricks and how they are useful in constructing house walls. They saw different kinds of houses like huts, tiled houses,  buildings and flats too. They identified the materials that are used to build them.

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