Christmas Eve Celebrations @ SPVN, Tuni

Christmas eve was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal at Sriprakash, Tuni. For this Celebrations Rev. G. Madhu, Pastor of SMB Church, Tuni  was invited as the guest. He narrated the story of the birth of Christ and the message of life. The kids were more excited about the celebration of the fest. Our tiny tots of Kindergarten spread the essence of Christmas spirit by dressing up as Santaclaus and angels. Grades-1 and 2 students brought the festive mood to the campus with their mesmerizing carols on Jesus. The special attractions of the Celebration was Christmas tree made by reusing water bottles and the wooden sledge. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was not only amply visible on the faces of the children during the decoration of the Christmas tree but also reverberating in their carols and dancing to the tunes of jingling Merry Christmas.

A Mini University

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