Staying Connected

Learning Outcome: To know the services of the post office and how we connect with our friends and relatives  using their services.

The head post master of Tuni Post office explained the functioning of the post office. He showed the postage such as post cards , inland letters and envelopes. He also explained the register post service available to track and send important documents. He also made the students  understand the way they can send  parcels through postal service  by paying the charges of ₹20 up to 1kg. Children understood that if anyone wants to send letters or parcels to their friends or relatives  they must write the  address along with the pincode. Children learnt the way they can deposit money, send money and pay telephone bills through postal service. They observed all the counters such as savings deposit counter and money order counter. Students understood that the details we send through postal service are kept confidential and are never shared to anyone. Now a days people are using internet service for most needs. So portal services are used by fewer people. 

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