Learning Outcome: Understanding the need for local self government. 

Students of Grade - IV went on a field trip to Municipal Office. Children came to know that it is a local body Government. The Children met the municipal commissioner Mr. P.V.N. Raju. He explained the duties of the municipality like water supply, collection of garbage, cleaning roads, maintaining street lights and the market etc. The children came to know that the birth and death certificates are issued by the municipality.  They spoke to the revenue officials to know about different taxes such as property tax and water tax paid by the the people and how people are penalized on failing to pay the taxes in time. They also met the municipal chairperson Mr. Balu, who explained that Tuni has 30 wards. Each ward has a counselor.  He also shared the process of elections to elect the chairperson and counselors in municipalities . The children came to know that our town Tuni is a Grade – II municipality. This trip made the students realise the need for a local self government.


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