Grade VII students of Sri Prakash, Tuni explored the Diary farm at Sri Prakash Vidya Sowdham, maintained by CHITTURI AGRO AND LACTATING FOODS PVT. LTD. on 31st August, 2023. Lying in the vast sprawling green lands of Sri Prakash, the dairy farm gave the students a wonderful exposure towards the fine points of dairy farming, milk production and solution towards waste management. 
It was the initiative and interest of Sri. Ch V K Narasimha rao, Secretary and correspondent, Sri Prakash Educational society which carved the establishment of the integrated dairy farm.
The veterinary doctor, Dr. Sai Shankar, was present there to address the students on dairy farming in detail.  After visiting cattle sheds, observing the special breed of cattle, their feeding pattern, the maintenance and the care towards the cattle, the students had a number of questions to ask the vet. And the doctor clarified each and every point. Special talk on the nutritional needs of the cattle, roughages and concentrates made the students relate their lesson the ‘Nutrition in animals’ to their live experience. 
Later the students were taken to the milk processing unit where the unit manager J Surya Narayana and Mr. N Anand explained the whole process of milk processing –quality check, separation of fat from the milk, pasteurisation, packing and finally storage. The students explored all the machinery interestingly. 
Once they understood how the 2000 Liters of daily supply of milk from the dairy of Sri Prakash turn into the ‘MADHURA’ milk packets, curd and butter milk, the student’s happiness had no bounds. Now they eagerly wanted to know, what happens to the waste from the cattle – be it the dung and urine from the cattle or water and the chemicals used to clean the milk units.  
    The students were then taken to the Bio Gas unit where they visited the Digesters that store the dung and urine. They learnt that the Bio Gas produced is sent to the hostel kitchen for preparing the food for the hostellers and also for generating power through Bio Gas generators. The final waste is diverted to the agricultural fields as water and manure.
    Similarly, the caustic soda used to clean the milk units after the production of the milk is treated to make soap oil and water used to clean caustic soda is turn into phenyl. These disinfectants are used cleaning agents.
    It was indeed a beautiful experiential learning for the students as they understood the concept of integrated dairy farming as a novel way of finding solution for zero waste.

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