Objective: To explore the land transport and understand the traffic rules.

The UKG kids went on a field trip to understand the traffic rules and land transport. They  visited the Railway station, Traffic signals, Zebra crossing and Footpath etc..  Children  observed the vehicles which are at the Railway station such as cars,motorbikes, auto rickshaws, rickshaws etc They identified  the vehicles and the number of wheels each vehicle has. They found that trains move on the rails and remaining vehicles move on road.They identified the vehicles which we can use to go to nearby or far away places.Later, the children observed and identified the colours in the traffic lights .They found  that all vehicles stop at the traffic signals  when it shows red,vehicles move when it shows Green ,vehicles wait when it shows yellow .
Next , the children  moved to  the zebra crossing and Footpath to experience  the  the right way to cross the road and walk on the footpath. This field trip made the children understand that  they should follow the traffic rules  are for their safety.

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