Wealthy soil – Healthy food  

L.O: To make the children aware of different types of soils and improving the fertility of soil using natural measure.

As part of Athidi programme we invited Mr.S. Naga Jaggarao a farmer from Routhalapudi. He shared the process of natural farming. He brought the samples of natural manures such as Neemastra, Jeevamrutham and Dhashaptari He shared that these are prepared using Indian cow breeds dung and urine along with different leaves like neem, guava, Tulasi, custard apple, black berry etc which have medicinal values to fertilise the soil. He also explained the way Jeevamrutham helps the soil to increase the earthworms and fertility.  He shared that Neemastra and Dashpatri can kill the pests which harms the crops. In this way if we can grow paddy, sugarcane and other vegetables in our farms with a low budget using this natural manure. We get nutritious food as the fertility of the soil increases. He also showed different varieties of paddy grains grown in our area such as Kalaavathi, Kalaajeera, White Jasmine, Black rice, Uruni kaima, Kalamalliphool and so on. Children interacted with him and asked their questions on the way earth worms make the soil fertile and the process of making natural manure.
Children felt the importance of soil conservation to get nutritious food.

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