A Triumph of Prakashites in Kho-Kho

Sri Prakash is the replica of success in every field. Prakashites are always energetic and dynamic because of having the healthy environment which is provided by the management. Sri Prakash is always encouraging students to participate in Cluster and National games in all events. Students have participated in Kho-Kho Cluster – VII under- 19 category and shedding every drop of sweat and blood from the outset resulting they have been “Winners” in the game and have got a golden path to perform in Nationals which will be conducted in Punjab. D. Hari Babu of XII, K. Bhaskar Kaladhar of XII, A. Sai Ganesh of XII, P.N.S.V. Sai Ram of XII, D. Koushik of XII, L. Poorna Sai Syam Naidu of X, S. Varun of X, M. Sonu Prakash Eswar of X, B. Teja of X, K. Shanmukh Kumar of VIII, V. Anil Kumar of VII and R. Deepak Sai of VII are the winners of the game. K.Shanmukh kumar of VIII is awarded Player of the Tournament.

A Mini University

Sri Prakash - one of the best educational institutes in Andhra Pradesh, empowers students with modern technology through innovative and fun Visualizations, Quizzes and interactive modules for learning. Apart from focusing on overall Development. We take pride in creating an environment of excellence on our campus, so that our campus becomes a second home for our students, encouraging them to learn more and more.