The most impressive Nritya Milan in Sri Prakash

The Nritya Milan program has attracted which has been performed by both Indian and Indonesian Artists in Sri Prakash Educational Institutions. The famous Odissi dancer Sriradha Paul, a choreographer from Indonesia, and researchers Joko Sudibyo, the famous flutist Dimas Adinata Raharja, and classical dancer from Bhubaneswar Sanjeev Kumar Jena have actively attended this festive program. The scene from the Ramayana in which Sita was abducted by Ravana has performed in Odissi dance, the character of Jatayu has characterized in Indonesian dance would become the feast of eyes to all. They all have stated in their speeches that the nucleus of this program is to inculcate Indian culture and values through Nritya Milan. The Senior Principal Sri M.V.V.S. Murthy has indoctrinated in his words that students have to know the greatness of Indian heritage through which they have to study the epics. Students, Teachers, and Incharges have made this program a grand success.

A Mini University

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