Cognizing types of soils

In order to cognize the types of soils, students of class 3 looked up nearby fields.They recognized the three types of soils - Sandy soil, Loamy soil, Clayey soil. They stepped their feet into the fields and experienced the texture of soil by touching. 
They learned that sandy soil consists of a small particles of weathered rocks.They discern that sandy soil has very low nutrients and poor water holding capacity and not suitable for plant growth. They also learned that clayey soil has the smallest particles and they could differentiate that it was sticky and smooth when it is touched.They figured out that it also becomes hard for moisture and air to penetrate into it, thereby impeding the growth of plants. Students found that loamy soil is a combination of sand and clayey soil and has the ability to retain moisture and nutrients.  This soil is also referred as agricultural soil. They perceive that desert plants like cactus grow in sandy soil. Rice, potato, cabbage can grow in clayey and cotton, sugarcane, jute and vegetables are well grown in loamy soil. Students differentiated long lasting plants that grow in different types of soils.

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