Best School for  Day Scholars in Andhra Pradesh


Our vision is to make our mark as a Centre of Excellence in the field of education by meeting the challenges of the present and future. We believe that “quality education” is a way to unlock students’ potential, determination & self-confidence. We are here to provide constant effort and encouragement to them. Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan has been skyrocketing day by day because of highly fascinated tradition of high quality, reliability and sophisticated technical education which made it rank as one of the best Schools in Andhra Pradesh.


We believe in the Mission “True to education” and we make sure to educate our children overall along with teaching values that would help them to be self-reliant, critical thinkers, responsive to changes, socially sensitive, manage complexities, sound in reasoning and appreciate diverse culture all across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners. We firmly believe that the progress in today’s world can only be achieved through interdependence so we focus on a stimulating early learning and child care experience to promote each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Since we all know that good schooling forms the foundation for a good future of an individual as well as the well-being of the overall Society.


Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan is the best school in Andhra Pradesh which provides the right education with all required amenities to rural people of that area. An endeavor is being made to accomplish this objective through imparting quality education to the students with optimum use of modern educational technologies. Smart Learn Classes, Regular Comprehensive Evaluation schemes are implemented for the holistic development of the rural students to meet the international standard of education.



SRI PRAKASH VIDYANIKETAN, Annavaram is recognized by Government of Andhra Pradesh School Education Department and follows the AP State Board curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  Our academic programme helps the children build a broader thought process, confidence, independent thinking, problem solving skills, finally moulding them to place themselves as responsible citizens in the society. We design our curriculum to ensure that desired activities are conducted at each level of kinder garden, Primary and Upper Primary. So that students have a smooth transition from one level to the other.

Education System
The day at Sri Prakash begins with a special slot of 10 minutes called “Home Period”. During this time the students and the teachers have an informal open interaction /discussion on understanding the school system, life skills, theme days, current affairs etc. This also includes speaking on theme-based audio / video clips. This Home period is a platform to create an informal bonding between the teacher and the students.

Assembly is the time where all the students and teachers gather in the morning every day.  The entire school sings in unison imparting each month which makes our assembly unique.  Each and every student of the school get a chance to present in assembly sharing the elements such as poem recitation, G.K, thought of the day, News, Vocabulary, Accomplishments, Announcements etc…. This creates a healthy competition and team spirit, as marks are awarded for the conduction of assembly.

There are six teaching periods and one Work Enrichment period in the span of 7 hours. In each period the subject teacher first shares the learning outcomes of the day. This is followed by a discussion on the ‘word of the day’ from each subject. The entire transaction of the content takes place through activities/ experiments / interactive sessions. Students are encouraged to write their own notes in individual.

This is the 7th period (last period of the day) where the subject teachers focus mainly on individual self-writing, clarifying the doubts of the students, making them do projects & assignments and taking special care on needy students. Gifted students are encouraged with special works like creative writing / developing innovative methods of solving mathematical solutions.

At the end of the 7th period, the students recall and reflect on the day’s learning for 10 minutes since the beginning to ending of the day. This leads to improve presentation skills and build confidence and fearless public speaking. The class teacher plays the role of a good listener during this period.

Process of Evolution

Process of Evolution

To reduce undue pressure of examinations, we conduct examinations under CCE pattern. Generally, the formative examinations are held every Monday with One / two subjects per week. There are 2 summative examinations in a year to evaluate the learning circle of the child. To avoid undue competitions among the students, grades are preferred in place of marks. The report cards are then shared with the parents in PTM (Parent teacher meeting) and also through Parent App of our organization.
Competitive examinations
To experience the challenges of competitive examinations, we encourage and prepare the students right from class III. Students are given opportunities to participate in competitions like Chekumuki, Relance Quiz, Hindu Young World Quiz, National Children Science Fares, Ramanujan tests, NTSE, National Telugu Talent Test, National Hindi Talent Test, inspire awards, Bharat Vikas Parishad competitions, Kabaddi leagues, Griggs etc… and our students have always brought laurels to our school.


Our well-maintained transport system with a fleet of 5 buses cater to the academic needs of around 250 students coming from the villages in a radius of 22 kms covering 20 villages around Annavaram. Each bus is equipped with CC cameras for the safety of the students and monitored by the transport supervisor. All the buses have a straight sitting arrangement and the movements are supervised by teachers, academic heads and transport staff.
We Connect with the parent

We Connect with the parent

PTM (Know your child)
Periodic PTM’s are conducted to ensure a thorough understanding among the students, parents and the school. Here parents and teachers can openly discuss the students’ Academic and the Non-academic issuesrelated to the school with the stake holders at the school
Home visits
In order to create a strong bonding between the school and the students and their parents, we follow a unique system of home visits. Twice an academic year, we visit the students and their parents at their homes to understand the child, parent and their living circumstances. We discuss and exchange our views on the student's performance, traits, achievements etc. At the same time, we collect feedback / suggestions from the parent. This helps build a strong personal relationship among the student, parent and the teacher or the management at large.

Language zooming

In this digital era where searching, browsing and surfing the internet has become a day-to-day affair, we at Sri Prakash believe in reading books an essential part of schooling.We prescribe ‘3’ story books in three languages as a part of our curriculum. The students are made to enjoy reading and write book reviews.

We have designed a special programmenamed ‘Spoken English to improve the communication skills of students as well the teachers.

        The words from the content books of all subjects along with their meanings, derivatives and usagesare compiled in a book called ‘Words In Focus’ to enrich the vocabulary of the students. On an average a child learns 150 words per subject in a year starting from grade – I. Role plays, debates, Story Telling, Essay writing, Jam rounds, picture talks, Group discussions etc…. are the different activities conducted in Spoken English Classes. Grades in SPE are taken into consideration for deciding the ranks.

To make our children enthusiastic readers, to motivate and to make them aware of the current affairs, we at Sri Prakash make newspaper reading an integral part of our curriculum. The students in the primary level subscribe to ‘Hindu Young World’ and those in high school read the ‘Hindu at school’.

Sri Prakash is proud of having a vast library of 1500 + books of different Genre. We subscribe to 4 different kinds of magazines and 3 newspapers in two different languages. Different activities are conducted ensuring book reading an integral part of schooling. It is open from dawn to dusk for active readers.

We provide experiential learning

We believe in "SeelenaSobathe Vidya" meaning Education shines only with good character. Corporal punishment of any kind is strictly prohibited. Discipline is given utmost importance. The cooperation of Parents/Guardians is sought in this regard to bring up a well behaved and disciplined child.

People from different Fields like agriculture, education, judiciary, police, medical and health etc… are invited to our school and students are chancedto interact with them. This direct interactions allow the students gain the knowledge of each profession and helps overcome the fear of interaction. Such a programme is called Atidhi.

Apart from local visits, all the interested students are taken in and around our Mother Land to explore the rich culture and traditions of the land. This generally happens during Dussehar vacations every year for a week. Students appreciate the beauty of our country – Architecture, heritage, culture and nature of the visiting place in their own words.

We celebrate different occasions to make the students aware of the traditions and customs of religious festivals. Apart from this we also celebrate subject weeks to have an exposure on languages and subjects to enjoy the beauty of every subject through different activities like…..






Ghatarahemeradil (school foundation day)

Matru bhasha dinosthavam

Hindi divas

National Mathematics Day

National Science Day



As the name suggests, Field trips are the unique trips to the places in and around the town to acquaint the students about the places that are relevant to the lessons that are taught in the classes. A schedule is made for the entire academic year for each class basing on the lessons. At least three Yatras are held for each class in a year.


We nurture leaders and build team spirit

In order to encourage students in all aspects such as academics, sports, regularity, discipline, other competitive exams and achievements by students from other than the school are highly honoured along with their parents in the memorable programme  “Abhinandana”. This is the special day for all the parents of achivers to interact with the Joint Secretary and the Head Master of the school followed by special dinner.

To develop team work and healthy competition among the entire student fraternity at Sri Prakash from Class IV to VII are distributed into four Houses, namely : Chola, Kakatiya , Mourya and Marata, each represented by the colours of House dresses, Yellow, Red, Green and  Blue. This creates an environment of colaboration. The House activities which include games, sports, literature, arts and craft give the students of all ages opportunity to work together and create a cohesive environment. Leadership qualities are well developed as house leaders and school Pupil leader are selected basing on the marks secured in a written test, physical activities, association with the school and a final round of interview. The Investiture ceremony is held in the month of July and the student council members take the oath to fulfill their duties for the academic year.

A mega platform for inter school competitions among the students of Tuni, Payakarao Peta and Annavaram named ‘Rim – Zhim’ . All the students of grades IV to VII participate in various competitions that are held under the domains of – Games and sports, Theatre arts, Literary events, Fine arts. Rolling shields are given for the best performance in the catagory of discipline, acedamics,  School Activites and out of School Activites and over all Campion house on the day of closing ceremony.

A Mini University

Sri Prakash - one of the best educational institutes in Andhra Pradesh, empowers students with modern technology through innovative and fun Visualizations, Quizzes and interactive modules for learning. Apart from focusing on overall Development. We take pride in creating an environment of excellence on our campus, so that our campus becomes a second home for our students, encouraging them to learn more and more.