Veturi lives forever as long as there is Telugu lyric

The renowned Telugu film writer, director and song writer Sri J.K Bharavi was honoured with  the Veturi Memorial Award by Veturi Sahiti Peetam and Sri Prakash Cultural Association. Fans of Veturi and lovers of literature have heavily driven to the celebration at the Chitturi Metro. 
The prominent Telugu film writer, director and songwriter, Sri J.K Bharavi stated that Veturi’s pen was multi-edged. The nine strains would overflow in Veturi’s songs. The power to evoke any kind of feeling was possible for him and he could even play with simple and complex words. 
Veturi Sahiti Peetam and Sri Prakash Cultural Association, Tuni and Payakaraopeta offer literary awards to well-known film writers every year during Veturi Jayanti celebrations. Similarly, this year’s 13th Veturi literary award went to Sri J.K. Bharavi, the eminent Telugu film writer, director and songwriter.  
Sri Koduri Ramachandra Mohan, Additional Commissioner and Executive Officer of S.V.V.S. Devastanam and Sri Perala Sita Rama Prabhu, Rasamaduri Founding President were our guests of honour for this grand event.  

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The Guests appreciated Sri KRJ Sharma, Veturi Sahiti Peetam Founding President and Sri Ch. Vijay Prakash, Chief Secretary for organizing an event to felicitate and present awards to literary celebrities in film industry on the birth anniversary of Veturi from the twin towns Tuni and Payakaraopeta.  Veturi's lovely spirit is alive in the form of cine lyrics. Though he is not among us,  the glory of Telugu Language would not diminish as long as there are poets. 
On this occasion the recipient of the honour, Sri J.K. Bharavi was felicitated with vedaseervachanam by scholars and richly honoured with 150 books as well. The 13th Veturi Sahiti Award winner, Sri J.K. Bharavi stated that today’s youngsters usually would have many opportunities as singers and writers and they should have an active grip over their mother tongue to swim in the literature and it is a great honour for Telugu Language and literature to honour Telugu movie scholars on the birth anniversary of Veturi. He further added that adoring Veturi is nothing but worshipping Telugu literature. He entertained the gathering by singing pallavis from Veturi’s melodious songs. 
Sri Kalaga Rama Jogeshwara Sharma, founding secretary of Veturi Peetam commented that Veturi is like the sea so that movie lovers would take songs from him. The sweet water of the sea of his prowess never vanishes and his songs always bask in the waves of the memorial ocean. Sri Ch. Vijay Prakash, Joint Secretary of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions, Chief Secretary of Veturi Sahiti Peetam stated that it is a great tribute to honour singers or writers through this Sahiti Academy. He praised the sincere efforts of Sri Bharavi for producing a great film like Adi Shankaracharya.Sri Chakka Suryanarayana, founding President of Veturi Sahiti Peetam, was present on the dais. A good number of Literature lovers and Veturi fans made the day a grand celebration.       

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