The 47th Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Prakash concluded with grand JOSH

                       The 47th Anniversary Celebrations of “Josh” concluded on a grand note at Sri Prakash.
The 47th Anniversary Celebrations of “Josh” were celebrated in Sri Prakash Educational Institutions with mesmerizing and cultural performances by Prakashites. Bollineni Krishnaiah, Founder & Chairman BSCPL Infrastructure Limited, Former Chairman of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was the Chief Guest for the mega event. Guests of honour on this occasion were the Chief Executive Officer, Basavatharakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Dr. Kurapati Krishnaiah, Former Special Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Sri K. Lakshmi Narayana, IAS, Chairman of SECOBEC Pvt Ltd, Sri Kodali Keshavrao, Managing Director of Advanced Mining Technologies Pvt Ltd, Sri Nadella Venkata Subbarao, Managing Director of Pratap Industries Sri Y.V.S. Chalapathy Rao have attended.
On this occasion all the guests watched and enjoyed the Pre-Sankranti celebrations organized by the Prakashites. The national flag, the NCC flag and the Sri Prakash flag were hoisted and with the lighting of the Josh Torch, the long awaited gala of events kicked off.  The guard of honour by about 300 NCC cadets was received by Sri K. Lakshmi Narayana, former Special Secretary to the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The guests released pigeons into the wide open skies for the peaceful grand celebrations after a gap of five years.
The chief guest Sri Bollineni Krishnayya addressed the gathering on the importance of quality education which is the basic root for good living. He further highlighted the discipline which made a big difference on this grand occasion.
Honourable guest of honour Dr. kurapati Krishnayya  inspired the gathering with his speech, appreciating the Prakashites for their inimitable skills through yoga and pyramids, which wouldn't have been possible without determined discipline. He further stated that students must remember their teachers because they can only mould them by sharing their knowledge and wisdom.
The guest of honour Sri K.Lakshmi Narayana inspired the students in his speech with an earnest appeal to the parents to lay a golden path for their children, by encouraging them to choose whichever field they are willing to excel in, instead of closing on them their personal interests.He even emphasized that every child is unique. He urged the Prakashites  to master the five life skills.

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Sri Kodali Kesava Rao, the guest of honour, exhorted everyone to be united irrespective of caste, creed and race. He encouraged the students to realise that nothing is impossible for a willing mind, even against all the odds.of they have need not feel about their nativity especially rural students.
The guests awarded prizes to students who won national level competitions in sports and academics.  Sri Ch.V.K. Narasimha Rao, Secretary and correspondent, Dr. Kantipudi Narendra Babu, President of Sri Prakash Educational Society and Ch. Vijay Prakash, Joint Secretary of Educational Institutions presented the mementos to the Chief Guests. Yoga, pyramids and Zumba dance performed by students impressed them a lot. A kind of Martial arts, Silambam (Karrasamu) presented by the girl students for self- protection with outstanding self-esteem stood as a spectacular attraction. The daring performance of the students in Mallakhamb was highly appreciated by the viewers and the special guests. The Farmers' dance, Kashmiri dance, Hanuman performance, Krishna, Gopika dances were elegantly performed by various students with different concepts to inculcate the competent values in today’s boys and girls,  confined to the small screen, awakening them to several ways to reach out to the best of the world through their talents in a wide competitive world. 
In this edition of Josh celebrations, nearly 1500 students performed. Students, Teachers, Parents along with many prominent people from Tuni and Payakaraopeta  participated and made this gala of events a grand success.


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