Sankranti Sambaralu@Sriprakash

Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan stands first to expose all the traditions and cultures to the prosterities. In this process during the month of December the school conduct cultural, literary and sports competitions  for the students in and around East Godavari District and rewards the winners with a cash prize on the day of sankranti sambaralu. On that day the students celebrate the festival in a village which is uniquely built in the school ground. A chief guest inaugurates the village in which one can witness- a school, grama sabha, a park, a solar plant, a water tank, a temple, a few huts, bullock cart, cocks, mounds of grain, people winnowing it, girls playing kolatam moving around bonfire and decorated with rangoli everywhere.   One can also see haridas and men disguised in some mycological characters like lord Rama, Hanuman etc. 


A Mini University

Sri Prakash - one of the best educational institutes in Andhra Pradesh, empowers students with modern technology through innovative and fun Visualizations, Quizzes and interactive modules for learning. Apart from focusing on overall Development. We take pride in creating an environment of excellence on our campus, so that our campus becomes a second home for our students, encouraging them to learn more and more.