State level Essay writing competition at Sri Satya Sai Seva organisation

A teacher often provides guidance on moral dilemmas, career choices, and personal development. They offer a steady hand in times of confusion and act as source of inspiration during moments of doubts. So, our Indian tradition equates the teacher to God. Hence the topic “Acharya Devobhava” was the topic of essay on which competition was conducted by Sri Satya Sai Seva organisation, Tuni on 29.09.2023 for the students of Grades VIII, IX & X.  Our students, G Sanjana Sahithi, G Sriama Sukrutha of Grade X, and R Sita Hasini of Grade VIII Explored on the given topic and presented their best to be selected at school level. The winners were presented books and certificates by the temple authorities on 13.11.2023. They are going to participate in mandal level, followed by district level and so on.

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