We are happy to share that Sriprakash Vidyaniketan CBSE TUNI students participated in "Kriya" state level competitions held on 25th and 26th of November at JNTU, Kakinada. 30 students took part in the competitions from CBSE TUNI with joy and zest. Our students K. Rodney Kallis(Grade-3) secured second place, T.Jasmitha (Grade-3) secured third place in fancy dress in the Sub-Juniors category. P.Anup Sri Ram (Grade-5) secured 1st Consolation in Project. E. Naveen Harsha (Grade-5) secured 2nd Consolation in Spell bee in the Sub-Juniors category and we sealed second place in classical dance under the Sub-Juniors category. The team of participants of classical dance are K. Sai Swathi(Grade-5),K. Hanvika (Grade-5), V. Kundana Satya (Grade-4), Ch. Harsha Vardhani (Grade-4) and S. Anuhya (Grade-5).

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