Achievers of Bharat Vikas Parishad competitions

Group song competitions and Bharat ko Jaano quiz competitions were held by Bharat Vikas Parishad on 16/9/23 and 23/9/23 respectively in Red Cross Building, Tuni. The students of Grade-6&7 participated and accomplished well in the above events. All the efforts of the students helped them in their success in these events.  K. Pauline Kelly, M. Devi Deepshika, S. SriLasya, M. Lakshmi Nikhitha, P. Teena Jessica, S. Satya sri Aswitha owned  1st place in Juniors Telugu singing competition and the same group achieved second place in Hindi singing competition.  B. Harshwin Dalith and P. Sri Gowtham Krishna achieved 2 nd place in "Bharat Ko Jaano" juniors quiz competition.

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