Sri Venkatesh Kandula, a paleontologist, numismatist and philatelist was invited as our guest on 12th Aug, 2022 to address the students of CBSE VI and VII at Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan, Payakaraopeta. 

Venkatesh Kandula, is also an electrical engineer and works as Manager in Deccan fine chemicals. He was inspired from his grandfather, G. Satyaraju and developed habit of collecting stamps, coins and fossils, who won many awards and research articles published in Numismatist Digest. He enlighted the students with his coin collection and fossils. Children observed different kinds of coins and fossils and raised many doubts. They were excited to know about financial history of coins and origin of fossils. Venkatesh.K intelligibly explained students about various kingdoms and introduction of their own coins nearly 2300 years ago, also fossils from our telugu states through power point presentation. Students were very much involved during his lecture as he as explained the topic by quoting the examples first and then took them into the subject and then students came out with beautiful questions to which he answered all the questions patiently. At the last students expressed their gratitude to Venkatesh Kandula Garu for his Valuable information. Head Mistress Smt. G. Satya Vardhani expressed utmost reverence to Sri Venkatesh Kandula for unveiling  his information and collection to the students , by honouring him with a memento.

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