Fabulous Results in CBSE Grade – X

It is not new to Prakashites to create wonders. As a part of it, our Prakashites have reached a prodigious milestone in the history of scholastic in the pedagogical year 2021-22. K. Yashwanth Varma has topped 493/500marks, K. Ayyappa Swamy has secured 480 / 500,  P. Ganapathi has scored 479 / 500, R. Kiran has attained 476 / 500, R. Anish Chandan has bagged 476 / 500 whereas D. Surya Charan and D. Sree Hasini have gained 474 / 500 and many more.

    * 44 students have secured above 90% in all Subjects.

    * 6 students have secured 100 /100 in Telugu

    * 5 students have chalked up 100s in Mathematics.

    * 19 candidates in English, 86 in Telugu, 12 in Hindi, 42 in Maths,50 in General Science and 25 in Social Science have achieved above 90% with 100% pass in all the subjects.

A Mini University

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