Field trip on Water Purification

Today our children were on a field trip to the mineral water plant at our school to make their learning a lively experience. The children understood the process of how the underground water is changed in to mineral water. They observed how the water from underground is sent through huge pipes with more pressure to the water purifiers which consist of charcoal, lime store (calcium) and pebbles to purify water. The water is purified in 2 stages in the pipes to kill the visible germs, dust and bacteria. After purification the water is sent to the motor which here adds some necessary minerals useful in the water for drinking. In the 3rd stage of purification, the water passes through U.U light where completely invisible dust  particles are killed and in the end, after the purification, the water is supplied to us for drinking.


We enriched the students about the monuments. As part of this we visited Raja High school and Mandal Revenue Office, which were built a hundred years ago. Children came to know that the Raja high school was established by Sri Raja Vatsavai Venkata Simhadri Jagapathi Raja Bahaddur on 19th February in 1904.After the death of king in 1911 his wife, queen Smt Raja Vatsavai Venkata Subadrayamma Jagapathi Rani took the responsibility of the school. Our great freedom fighter Alluri Seetha Ramaraju studied in this school. This building was known as tall building and it consists wide class rooms, children observed the huge, strong and unique structure of the monument  and they came to know how this strong building provided shelter for the people during the floods occurred in 1990 when the town was inundated in flood waters.

The Mandal Revenue officer Mr.B.Subrahmanyam and the Deputy Mandal Revenue Officer Mr. Sharif made the children know that it was built by the British. In those days it was used as court and jail. They showed the unique structure and the records preserved from 1921-2016 in an old room in that building. They explained about the Tuni Mandal Map .



As part of field trip we took the children of Grade – 4 – STATE to water purification plant to Katrallakonda- Tuni. Mr. Satyanarayana explained the children how the water from Thandava River is purified and supplying to the town. Children also observed the large tanks. The water which is supplied to our town is stored and released from the Thandava Reservoir. 

Children come across the main purpose and steps of water purification plant takes place such as Preservation, Cleaning and Supply.  We came to know that for every 15 days they clean the tank by using chlorine to kill the germs. They informed that per day 20 lakh liters of water is supplied to people of Tuni twice a day


We took Grade-1 children on a field trip to know the different types of houses and water sources in our Tuni surroundings. Students learnt about natural sources and artificial sources of water. They observed different types of houses with a variety of roofs and the materials used for building them. They also saw big Banyan tree with areal roots which is the national tree.


We have taken our children for Yatra as part of YATRA in the Neighbourhood. They visited the Market Yard at Tuni. They saw different types of vegetables and fruits. They learnt how the vegetable vendor weighed the vegetables and fruits. From the bus they observed different places in the neighbourhood  such as Police station, Hospital, Bank, Cinema, Temple, Petrol bunk, Medical shop, Raja Ground, Bakery, Hotel, Government School etc. It is a memorable trip for their learning and they enjoyed it a lot.