As part of the theme, Grade – 2, CBSE, Tuni children went to P.R.Peta, to see different types of plants. They saw climbers, creepers, trees, shrubs and herbs, and found the differences between them. Later they visited the dairy farm to see farm animals children enjoyed a lot seeing all these creatures live.


Grade – VI & VII students went to the Weaver’s Colony at P.R.Peta as part of yatra. Mr. G.V. Nageswara Rao, an associative member handlooms organization, explained the process of weaving and dying the cloth. Children raised their queries regarding the sewing of the silk thread, and understand well the process of weaving of silk and cotton sarees.

Field trip – Garden

UKG – CBSE children went on a Field Trip P.R. Peta, as part of their learning plan- Creepy Crawlies of garden. They saw different types of plants and garden creatures, like butterflies, squirrels, caterpillars, birds like sparrows, crows, etc. All the children felt exploring themselves in the outside world, which is close to their classroom learning.

ATHIDHI- Philatelist and Numismatist

Mr. K. Venkatesh, a famous philatelist and numismatist working as a manager at Deccan Fine Chemicals was invited as our Athidhi on 03.08.17 for Grade-4th to 7th students of C.B.S.E Spvn Tuni. 

Besides being an engineer, he has the hobbies of collecting coins and stamps. He started collecting coins since his childhood, which he inherited as the inspiration from his maternal grandpa. He achieved many awards and worked as a President from south India for South Asia Numismatics Association. His hobby led him to become a writer and his articles were published in Numismatic Digest. He explained about the origin of coins and spoke about commemorative coins which had images of people on them. Representation of printing is given through symbols on the coins. Children asked queries about the coins and notes of different countries while they were viewing wise range of display of them by him.

Finally, it was an inquisitive programme. 


Yatra-Aluminium factory

As part of an educational trip,  the students of 7th – CBSE – SPVN – Tuni were taken to the Aluminium factory. They observed the process of Aluminium utensil preparation. The students understood that the process takes place in four parts. The students got their doubts clarified by  the workers in the factory and took notes. This is very much beneficial for the children.