Gaatha Rahe Mera Dil 2017

Glorious celebration of 41st Foundation Day of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions on 19th August, 2017 at S.P.V.N., TUNI with grandeur!

“The entrancing performance of songs by the students of ‘Sri Prakash’ is spellbinding!” _ says the renowned cine playback singer Smt.Gopika Poornima.

Sri Prakash Educational Institutions celebrated its 41st Foundation Day with resplendence at S.P.V.N., TUNI. On this occasion, the captivating programme ‘Gaatha Rahe Mera Dil’ – a festivity of the Institution was conducted in singing for the students of Sri Prakash on 19th of August, 2017. Their songs entranced the audience who enjoyed the songs competition for Juniors and Seniors category. Everybody at the venue, felt gratified with the majestic performances of both Juniors and Seniors in all the 4 rounds. The singers had to sing songs round-wise in their mother tongue, other than mother tongue, old melodies, songs of tragedy and joy. Their songs gripped the hearts of the audience! Smt.Gopika Poornima adorned the celebration as a Chief Guest and distinguished Judge for the programme ‘Gaatha Rahe Mera Dil’. Speaking about the fascinating singing of the contestants, Smt.Goopika Poornima appreciated the heart-touching performances of singers. She said the their presentation of songs was so magnificent and if they still keep on practising, their career in singing would be at pinnacle! Smt.Gopika Poornima appreciated the management of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions for its commitment towards the all-round development of students, enhancing their compentence in education as well as other aspects like sports, singing, N.C.C., etc. She felt that parents also should take initiative in giving a lift to their children in whatever field they are interested in and then only children can accomplish a successful position in their life. Afterwards, addressing the audience at the venue, Joint Secretary of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions, Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash spoke that Sri Prakash Educational Institutions have been rendering the best for the all-round development of students and so the young Sri Prakashites have been showing their sterling expertise in sports, education and scientific fields at state and national level. Sri Vijay Prakash aspired that with the cooperation and the coordination of the teachers, students and parents, ‘Sri Prakash’ is going to achieve many laurels in the coming future also. Later Sri Vijay Prakash reverenced Smt.Gopika Poornima with a memento. The songs sung by Smt.Gopika Poornima beguiled the audience. In this programme, the Senior Principal of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions - Sri M.V.V.S.Murthy, Principal SPACES Degree College - Sri Veerraju, Principal S.P.J.C – Sri V.V.S.S.Bhanu Murthy, Sri V.V.S.B.Bangarraju, Sri Paresh Kumar Das, Smt.Seeta Rani, Sri V.Ravi Kumar, Smt Sree Laxmi, Sri Srinivas, all the teachers of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions, Parents, Students and the elite of the town had graced the celebration of the 41st Foundation Day of Sri Prakash Educational Institutions with their presence.


It has become a tradition to Sri Prakash to create miracles. As a part of that, this academic year also it has a fabulous achievement in SSC-2017 results. 69 Students have secured 10 GPA, 85% Students have secured ‘A’ grade in all subjects with 100% Pass.

Sri Prakash could prove that a top academic results are possible with all round development. One need not be sacrificed for the other. Students are encouraged to prepare their own notes and be more independent. 

The results reflect the overall growth of students rather than a few students doing well. 

Praneetha Devi Singh, Australia @ Sri Prakash

Praneetha Devi singh is an extra-ordinary mathematical expert who is the head of mathematics in Hills Grammar school, Australia.  She believes in thinking out of the box. She gave us some numbers and asked to find the relation between then using Algebra.  She made us thinking in various points of view.

Chy. Naina Jaiswal @ Sri Prakash

South East Asian Number one Interntional Table Tennis Player Km. Naina Jaiswl with her Google Boy brother Master Agasth Jaiswal and their parents visited Sri Prakash Educational Institution in Payakaraopeta.  Addressing the students she suggested cultivating the habits of Jhansi Lakshmi Bai and Rani Rudramma Devi without fearing anybody.

Prof. Jaanchai Yingprayoon @ Sri Prakash

Dr. Janchai is a marvellous wizard in science.  He hailed from Bangkok, Thailand.  He is a practical thinker.  He showed us some apps which can be used to learn more about science.  He explained not only the topic, but also showed us various experiments.  He was jovial and had a great sense of humour.  He also gave us some thing and which we can work out with by ourselves and learn the magic of science.  He proved that learning was fun. All the seasons were truly very inspiring.  We learnt a lot of new things through these classes.   These classes tested our curiosity and our ability in thinking out of the box.  Overall, they were not at all routine. 


SriprakashVidyaSoudham at Payakaraopeta was the centre of galvanizing activity for the last three days in a Youth Festival Format. SPACES Degree College, Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Sri Venkateswara College of Primary Education, Sri Prakash College of Physical Eduction and Sri Prakash College Of Engineering vied with one another in the vibrant Intercollegiate cultural and Sports competitions from 28th to 30th Dec.

The closing ceremony had Professor G.Nageswara Rao, Vice Chancellor, Andhra University,as Chief Guest and ARKJ Sharma, senior project manager, infosys as Guests of Honour. The Proceedings started with the

Space Science Awarness by Scientists

1.Mr. Shaun moss, founder of International Mars Research Station from Australia. He interacted with the students about MARS. He shared the following in his research.The time period taken by mars to complete, rotation is 1.02 days equals to 24hr.40min, Mars also has transparent atmosphere.  He also said that there are no habitats and no fossil fuels on Mars.  In his research he found that there are lava tubes which are formed when lava flows on the planet. His research has also included how to make air and steel on Mars, Martian time Keeping systems, food systems for Mars, Terra forming and more.

Dr. Jeffry Wanko@ Sri Prakash

Dr. Jeffry Wanko is an excellent mathematical professor, who is from Miami University, Florida.  He has been currently working on Japanse logical puzzles.  He spoke on inductive and deductive reasoning which was very interesting.  It was used on the puzzles to find out rules to solve the puzzles.  He brought our knowledge to understand Japanese puzzles, shikaku and ripple effect and introduced a website “nokoli. Com” that contains thousands of similar puzzles. 

L.K.G & U.K.G Field trip places of the neighbourhood

We took our L.K.G and U.K.G State board children on a  field trip to different places in the neighbourhood. Our kids visited the Lord Venkateswara Swami temple at Suravaram and the Church in Payakaraopet. On the way we saw some land marks such as a Mosque, the police station, a Bank, the Market, the Railwaystation, the Bus Complex and a park. The Children learnt about different places in our neighbourhood


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