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SPACES Degree College

SPACES DEGREE COLLEGE was established by Sri Prakash Educational Society in the year 1993 in its own spacious buildings with a noble motto of fostering higher education in rural areas. At present the college imparts quality education in all traditional as well as advanced courses like computer sciences, Electronics, Biotechnology at B.Sc. level. Principled, disciplined, expert and experienced management and faculty of the college has certainly got the best to offer its students for their personality development. The college offers the following U.G courses.
SPACES Degree college is one of the leading &premier institutions in rural area of Visakhapatnam district ,Andhra Pradesh with an avowed vision:
“To provide distinct environment of excellence in education with humane values and social commitment”

All the academic and extension programmes of the college are a perfect embodiment of the vision, mission and core values of the college, which pave a way for the holistic development of students who are empowered to meet the global dynamics with a strong traditional and value based orientation.

The individual departments in the college too have their department -specific
vision and mission, which is in perfect alignment with the college vision and mission, thus ensuring that all the programmes at the macro and micro level reflect the college vision.

The key concepts in the mission statements are used as indicators to enlist all the
programmes that are directly related to them.
“ Seelena shobhathe vidya “
It ensured thus
 Emerging areas are included in the Curriculum to make it globally relevant.
 Soft skills, Computer skills, Communication skills, Technical skills, employability skills are offered
 Several certificate and add on courses give the cutting edge to deal with global challenges
 Campus Recruitment Training
 National & International Guest Lectures etc.,.
 Seminars/Workshops on Social issues
 Gender sensitizing activities – Women empowerment cell
 National Service Scheme(NSS), National Cadet corps (NCC) involve the students in community development activities

Courses Offered:
Math – Physics – Computer Science
Math – Electronics – Computer Science
Math – Physics – Chemistry
Math - Chemistry - Computer Science
Chemistry – Botany – Zoology
Chemistry – Bio chemistry – Biotechnology
B.Com (General & Computers)

Under guidelines of Union Grants Commission (UGC), SPACES Degree College , Payakaraopeta introduced Choice based Credit System (CBCS) from during the academic year of 2014-15.

1. Academic Year: Two consecutive (one odd + one even) semesters constitute one academic year.

2. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS): The CBCS provides choice for students to select from the prescribed courses (core, elective or minor or soft skill courses).

3. Course: Usually referred to, as ‘papers’ is a component of a programme. All courses need not carry the same weight. The courses should define learning objectives and learning outcomes. A course may be designed to comprise lectures/ tutorials/laboratory work/ field work/ outreach activities/ project work/ vocational training/viva/ seminars/ term papers/assignments/ presentations/ self-study etc. or a combination of some of these.

4. Credit Based Semester System (CBSS): Under the CBSS, the requirement for awarding a degree or diploma or certificate is prescribed in terms of number of credits to be completed by the students.

5. Credit Point: It is the product of grade point and number of credits for a course.

6. Credit: A unit by which the course work is measured. It determines the number of hours
of instructions required per week. One credit is equivalent to one hour of teaching (lecture or tutorial) or two hours of practical work/field work per week.

7. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): It is a measure of overall cumulative performance of a student over all semesters. The CGPA is the ratio of total credit points secured by a student in various courses in all semesters and the sum of the total credits of all courses in all the semesters. It is expressed up to two decimal places.

8. Grade Point: It is a numerical weight allotted to each letter grade on a 10-point scale.

9. Letter Grade: It is an index of the performance of students in a said course. Grades are denoted by letters O, A+, A, B+, B, C, P and F.

10. Programme: An educational programme leading to award of a Degree, diploma or certificate.
More over, all the students are enlightened on the best possible career progress in tune with their attitude and aptitude. Making the most of the software boom, our students have been trained to land in reputed software companies like Wipro, Infosys, Satyam, TCS and the like. Some other students have been guided to research oriented P.G courses in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. We do believe that we have the best for our students who, we are sure, do their best for themselves.
With a view to bringing out the best, apart from the academic excellence, we leave no stone unturned. Our students are empowered to organize events like Creative Club meant for literary activities, fine arts, sports and games etc., and SPANDANA, a creative festival competition for all the U.G and P.G students of SRI PRAKASH. All this added value culminates, for sure, in good University ranks and outstanding performance of our degree students in A.U Youth Festival every year.