Space Science awarness by Scientists @ Sri Prakash

Space Science awarness by Scientists @ Sri Prakash

1.Mr. Shaun moss, founder of International Mars Research Station from Australia. He interacted with the students about MARS. He shared the following in his research.The time period taken by mars to complete, rotation is 1.02 days equals to 24hr. 40min, Mars also has transparent atmosphere.  He also said that there are no habitats and no fossil fuels on Mars.  In his research he found that there are lava tubes which are formed when lava flows on the planet. His research has also included how to make air and steel on Mars, Martian time Keeping systems, food systems for Mars, Terra forming and more.

2.Sri T.K Sundaramurthy was an Ex-ISRO scientist and mission director  for Indian communication and meteorological satellite system for Indian. He said about the difficulties faced in sending 104 satellites in one go. He gave an imaginative speech regarding satellites and their placements in space. He interacted with Prakashites and clarified their doubts patiently. He also said about the life time of satellites and briefly described  the problems faced, and mentioned the profits in sending different kinds of satellites.

3.Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan. SPACE scientist and also the founder of Valles Marineris International Pvt Ltd, Nagpur. He has presented several research papers and articles. He also took part in the interaction with students along with the co-scientists.

4.Sri.Deepika Davuluri is an Indian space Ambassador. She is working as chief-designer of Rovers for NASA Human Exploration and Rover Challenge for team Indian. She inspired the students with her miraculous speech by sharing her life experiences. She also said the qualities required for a student to achive one’s goal.

5.Mr.Sourabh Koushal, Space Scientist, INK fellow 2012 in association with TED, TEDx speaker. He is young scientist from India and proposed some new methods to mitigate Space Debris that include use  of decayable material for the construction of space machines and reenter, use of nanotube mesh technique using laser and nanobots… etc. He is recipient of many awards from various countries. He is founder of Education Tech Company “Smartcircuits Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


23 February 2017