SSC - 2023 Happy to share that our School students secured 592,590,584,582,581,...out of 600 in SSC-2023 results.         IPE - 2023 Happy to share that our Junior College Students secured 990,987,986,984....... out of 1000 Marks in Sr. Inter and 465,464,462,461,460.... out of 470 in Jr. Inter 2023 results.         CBSE X - 2023 Happy to share that, our 𝘾𝘽𝙎𝙀 X students secured ....490,487,483,482,481 and many more out of 500,100% pass in CBSE X Results 2023             CBSE +2 - 2023 Happy to share that, our CBSE +2 students secured 464,460,452,451,450 ….. out of 500 in CBSE Plus 2 results. School secured 100% Pass out of which 88% students got First Class.


Students of Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan, CBSE, P.R.Peta have created a tremendous victory in cluster sport meet in which they have also got to participate in national in various events which would be in fact common for Prakashites. They have hoisted our school flag in cluster events this year also by winning Gold Medal in 4x400 mts running, 4x100 mts sprint in Athletic region conducted in C.M.R.Hyderabad where they have also qualified for national to play in Chhattisgarh. Under-17 boys have won Gold Medal in Basket Ball conducted in S.P.V.N. Payakarao Peta who are ready to roar their talents in national in Indore. Under-17 boys and under-19 both boys and girls have reached to nationals to participate in Kho-Kho in Haryana who have won gold medals in Hanumakonda. Finally our under-17 boys have won gold medal in Valley Ball conducted in Nizamabad where they are going to participate nationals in Madhya Pradesh. Total 65 students from our campus are going to participate in nationals which are well remarkable memory.
        Correspondent and Secretary Sri Ch.V.K.Narasimha Rao, Joint Secretary Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash, Senior Principal Sri M.V.V.S.Murthy and Vice-Principal Sri Paresh Kumar Dash have congratulated all participents and wished them to win gold medals in Nationals.

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