SSC - 2023 Happy to share that our School students secured 592,590,584,582,581,...out of 600 in SSC-2023 results.         IPE - 2023 Happy to share that our Junior College Students secured 990,987,986,984....... out of 1000 Marks in Sr. Inter and 465,464,462,461,460.... out of 470 in Jr. Inter 2023 results.         CBSE X - 2023 Happy to share that, our š˜¾š˜½š™Žš™€ X students secured ....490,487,483,482,481 and many more out of 500,100% pass in CBSE X Results 2023             CBSE +2 - 2023 Happy to share that, our CBSE +2 students secured 464,460,452,451,450 ā€¦.. out of 500 in CBSE Plus 2 results. School secured 100% Pass out of which 88% students got First Class.

sankranthi sambaralu @ sri prakash

Sankranti Celebrations are held at Sri Prakash Vidya Niketan, Payakaraopeta on Jan 4th in a very grand way. The grandeur festiveĀ  look had outsmashed many spectators with mouth watering fairĀ  feasts and different cultural events like bhoghimantalu, bhogipallu, gobbammallu, bommallakolluvu, Praballa fair and steps of harvesting. Such celebrations in school premises really made children curious and enthusiastic to know the history and its importance of the festival shared by the Senior Principal Sri. M. V. V. S. Murthy. Handmade paper toys, kites, woollen craft works like bangles, wall hangings and paper masks made by the students really drawn special attention to theĀ  viewers. Academic Incharges A. UshaRani and G. Satya Vardhani, teachers, students and parents are apart of the programme

A Mini University

Sri Prakash - one of the bestĀ educational institutes in Andhra Pradesh, empowers students with modern technology through innovative and fun Visualizations, Quizzes and interactive modules for learning. Apart from focusing on overall Development.Ā We take pride in creating an environment of excellence on our campus, so thatĀ our campus becomes a second home for our students, encouraging them to learn more and more.